28 May 2011

Top Gun Sign

So since September I have been working part-time in  fish and chip shop called "Top Gun" and recently my boss asked me to redesign an old sign for her. It's just going to show our speciality foods and will be decorated with a lighthouse (our main symbol) and other nautical elements. Here is some preliminary ideas for the lighthouse design and lay out for the design. Enjoy :)

15 May 2011

Bad and at the same time good news (also some Photoshop)

Ok I didn't get a place in the Animation course I was trying to get into. However, I did get a place on a foundation art course which starts in September and is a year long. In this course I can develop my art skills and also my portfolio. Also if I completed this course I have a very good chance of getting in the animation course after it.

Anyway here's some of my first attempts at using Adobe Photoshop. All these Images are originally from the manga "Bleach" by Kubo Tite.

I did not make the image below but was a present given to me last Valentines day by my boyfriend. It's still one of my favourite presents and don't miss a chance at showing it off. Enjoy :)

12 May 2011

More Drawings

Heres the best of of my new sketches. They're cropped because origanially they were A3 size  but the scanner I'm using can only do up to A4 size. Enjoy :)

2 May 2011

Some Drawings

So here is some my best drawings so far. They're not in order but if they were you would be able to see that my drawing skills have gradually gotten a lot better. Most of the models in these drawings were from images found on a life drawing poses site, while others I did during life drawing sessions in a bar close by. I hope to update this blog every week to show my progress. 'Till then :)

1 May 2011


Hi everybody!

So long story short I'm in a university course I hate, but thanks to some friends I realized that I really want to be on a computer animation course. So next year I'm enrolled in an art foundation course for a year which will lead on to the animation course, but in a week or two I will have an interview with the head of the computer animation course in Glamorgan University to see if I can skip this year and go straight on the course. Anyway I have basically had three months to make a portfolio for this interview, since I'm from Ireland and now living Wales (also other issues) so I couldn't get most of my old art work. Anyway I'm gonna post my best drawings so far once I have scanned them all.