23 June 2011

Final Edit (I Hope)

So this is my final edit on the sign, I hope anyway. I still have to show it to my boss to see what she thinks, but I doubt she will want to change much. Now I can move on to this character design exercise I want to try out. Enjoy :)

22 June 2011

Top Gun Sign

Heres some various sign designs I put together while I was on the ferry to Ireland. There all very similar except for the backgrounds, font colour and the waves. Any ideas on how to develop the designs will be very welcome. Enjoy :)

17 June 2011

Final Designs... Again

Hi guys. I did some tweeks to the last few designs I posted and I am now starting to put my final light house design together. Anyway here they are and if anyone has some suggestions to make better the designs please let me know. Enjoy :)

2 June 2011

New Lighthouse and Fish Designs and Special Notice

O.K. so this should be the final designs for the lighthouse and fish in the top gun sign. Thanks to this project I'm starting to learn more of the functions of Photoshop.

Also, good luck to all my friends who got nominated in the Glammies tomorrow. Sorry to those who didn't get nominated, but well done on all your great work you have done for the past three years. I know it's biased of me but, GO "DAY 83" FOR THE WIN!!! :)