30 January 2015

Project Dance Previz

Hi guys.

The last two weeks I have been working handing in my Dissertation (which was based on the techniques used to create Hybrid Animation), editing the Morpheus Rig (By Josh Burton) for Project Dance and making a Pre Viz for the short as well.

Below is the Current PreViz for Project Dance:

16 January 2015

First Week back from Christmas and Business hand in

Hi Everyone,

So just back from working in Asda all Christmas. This is the beginning of the Final Major Project Production, but I have spent this week handing in my Pre Production, my first business submission which includes my business card, CV and cover letter. My Dissertation is also due next week so I have been working on that most of this week.

The following are my new business card, CV and cover letter (I wrote this as if I were applying for a job role at the studio Blue Zoo) designs:

12 December 2014

Alpha Project Pre production

Hey Guys!

So for the final week of Pre Production for the Final Major Project, I have been planing work for my fellow student's (Sam Callum) Project, Alpha. Alpha is a short film about a monster hunter and her trusty stead searching for the alpha monster. For this project I will be rigging the main character model, Keeva and animating a short scene.

The following are plans and tests for the rig. the character design (and eventually the model) are by Sam Callum.

And the following is thumbs and animatics for the Alpha shot I am animating:

5 December 2014

Project Dance and personal animation preparation

Hi Eveybody!

So I began preparing animatics for the animations for my short film this week. I also was able to organize a team to work with me on the project, which for now we have named . I will be acting as Director, Animator and renderer for the project. My fellow students, Charlotte, Natalie, Gary, Janine and Nurul will be animators and Louis will be our environment and prop modeler. As we will be using Josh Burton's Morpheus rig and  Ex'pression College's Morphy wardrobe, we will not need character modelers and riggers.

Here thumbs and animatics for my scenes in project dance:

I also prepared some thumbs and animatics for my personal animations for the Final Major Project:

28 November 2014

Final Major Project Film idea

Hi Guys,

I have been thinking of ideas for a short film for my final major project. I came up with an idea that is kind of based on the story from Pixar's "One Man Band", which can be seen below:

Pixar - One Man Band from Ricardo Pereira on Vimeo.

The premise of my short idea is about a shy, young man at his final year prom and is working up the courage to speak to a person he has a crush on for some time. However, 2 girls fight over the affection of the protagonist, blocking him from his goal. Below are rough thumbs of the story:

I then developed these into working storyboards: