31 October 2014

Final Miner Rig

Hi Everybody!

This week I finally completed the miner rig. I feel my rigging skills have really come a long way since my messy rig last year.

Pipeline Previz

Hi Guys,

This week I have been working on the Previz for the E4 sting. Here is the development of the PreViz. Starting to come together now.

24 October 2014

Animation Effects and Motionbuilder exercise

Hi Everybody!
This week I have been working on tests for the crack and crumble animation effects for the E4 sting. I learned how to make these effects by using youtube tutorials.

This week we also had a class exorcise on how to use Autodesk Motionbuilder. It's bit more awkward to use than Maya but now I am able to edit and combine motion capture data.

17 October 2014

Proxy Rig creation

This week I worked on creating the character's Proxy rig. I used techniques I learned last year and using Tina O'Hailey's book "Rig it Right". I will use this proxy rig when making the Pre viz.

10 October 2014

Pipeline Animatic

Hi there,
So this week I focused on the developing of the E4 sting story by making storyboards and animatics. The camera is a bit too flat in these plans so I will experiment with different camera angles when I make Pre vizs.

3 October 2014

3rd year begins

Hi there!
So 3rd year has begun and so has our first project. This Pipeline is where a group of us work on creating a 10 second short in 7 weeks. I am working in a team of three people and we decided to create an E4 sting as they are quite eclectic and random. We also could submit our sting the next time E4 host a sting competition. for this project I will be directing, rigging and animating. Julia will be designing and modeling the environment and Ben is designing and modeling the character the following links are initial rough animatics for our sting idea.