20 April 2014

Preparation for FMX

So tomorrow I am off to Stuttgart, Germany to attend the FMX festival for the week! Very excited! I also but together a showreel of my best finished work so I can hopefully get critiques from industry personnel while I'm there. You can see the showreel below:
I would have liked include some of the work I'm currently working on but it is unfinished and also, most of it is part of 3rd year films which will be premiered at the end of May, so I shouldn't spoil it.

I have made so business cards to take with just in case. You can see both sides below:
Not sure why the front looks like that on here but o well. I also misspelled "Channel" which is annoying as I sent them off to print without realizing, but I'm gonna need to make new ones next year on my coarse anyway so I can put up with them till then.
Right I better start packing my clothes now :P

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