28 October 2012

Long Time no Posting

Hi everybody!

It's been a really long time since (like nearly a year I think :P). Anyway, to bring us up to speed of what happened since I last posted, I had an interview at the University of Glamorgan for a Computer Animation course. I was then offered a conditional place on the course as long as I passed my year on art foundation. Around that time I specialized in animation on the foundation course and soon after began my final major project. After the project was done (which was a lot of work) I exhibited my work and soon after received my results. I got a Merit!!! So I more than met the criteria to go on to Computer animation. Now I am about a month into the course and I love it. I have completed two projects so far and I am in the middle of a character design project at the moment. Below are some rendered images of my last project where I modeled a fruit bowl in Autodesk's Maya. The criteria for the project was to create a realistic image and an altered image which are both shown. This is my first try at a 3D package so I'm pleased with the outcome.
Anyway better be off but I hope to post a bit more regularly from now on (I say hopefully). Bye for now :)

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